Black History Month 2021 — Events and Resources

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5 min readFeb 2, 2021


In 1995, the House of Commons officially recognized February as Black History Month after a motion by the Honourable Jean Augustine, the first Black Canadian woman elected to Canada’s House of Commons.

Unfortunately, much of Canada’s Black history is not well-known by Canadians. An education system largely built on colonialist influence has largely ignored the enslavement of Black people in Canada and have caused many to be unaware that segregation was accepted in Canada well into the 1960s.

Black History Month is a time to learn more about the experiences of Black folks in Canada, and the many contributions they have made and continue to make in shaping the country.

In light of this, in this post, we list some of the events happening throughout Black History Month that are organized by Black communities and organizations in British Columbia. We also list some films, books, podcasts, and educational resources for you to peruse to learn more about the lived experiences of Black communities, in Canada and abroad.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you want us to add anything on this list, let us know!

Events, organizations, and resources to know


Events Hosted by BC Black History Awareness Society

Stratagem: Black Queer Futures

Events at UBC

Events at SFU

Events hosted by SFU SOCA (Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry)

Greater Vancouver Board of Trade’s Diversity and Inclusion Council

Events hosted by the Issamba Centre

Vancouver Film Festival

Toronto Black Film Festival



*films by Black Canadian filmmakers

Books by Black Canadian authors


  • BlackChat: Vancouver-based podcast hosted by Kona and Morgan, featuring interviews with members of the Black community, and a celebration/exploration of being Black in Canada.
  • Portraits of Black Canadians: a Radio Canada podcast that features Black Canadians who contributed to the building of Canada and are making an impact every day
  • Black Canadian Content Creators: a podcast honouring the work of digital or analog creators who identify as Black, African, Caribbean or Mixed in Canada or Black Canadians living and creating abroad.
  • The Secret Life of Canada: a CBC podcast on the history of Canada not typically learned in classroom or history books
  • Historically Black: Narrated by celebrities like Issa Rae, Roxanne Gay, and Keegan-Michael Key, each episode explores on one artifact submitted by a listener and uses that object to create a “museum” that pays homage to the lived experiences of various Black Americans.

Educational Resources

Organizations to support

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